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Wise Electric Control Inc. specializes in generator and monitoring services. We can engineer, design and build a system to meet your needs. We have crews and heavy equipment to handle large and small projects.

Complete generator system installation and maintenance of all sizes and types of generators including large commercial units, residential, RV and small portables. Maintenance programs are available at reasonable rates - you may be paying too much with others. If you need power back-up then call us we love a challenge!
Wise Electric Control offers a comprehensive selection of programs, plus certified technicians, for all major brands of generators and transfer switches.
Wireless Remote Monitoring
Modular hardware and software design allows Wise Electric Control Monitoring Solutions to monitor diagnostic and alert signals from virtually any piece of critical power equipment. The signals monitored can include the following:
  • Generator Running
  • Lift Stations
  • Fluid Levels (oil, water, fuel, etc.)
  • Pump Status
  • Not in Auto
  • Hi Level Alarms
  • ATS Status
  • Equipment Run Hours
  • Fuel Tank Breach   
  • Server/UPS Room Temperature Alerts   
  • UPS Fail   
  • Starting Batter Voltage   
  • Intrusion Alarms   
All signal inputs are quickly and easily customized for almost any application. No phone line to run, no cellular plan to purchase, no software to install.

Flexible, Instant Alert Delivery
Alerts and status reports are sent immediately to any authorized pager, text-capable cell phone, or email address. Specific alert types can be sent only to the recipients who require that data. Unlike autodialers, all recipients receive alerts instantly, at the same time.

Reliable, Secure Data Services

Cellular control channel communications ensure alerts are sent even in an emergency, when cellular voice channels are often unavailable.

Rapid Return on Investment

Wise Electric Control monitoring solutions are extremely cost effective, providing much of the functionality of proprietary SCADA systems at a fraction of the cost.

Regulator Control Recordkeeping and Cost Control

Wise Electric can easily generate reports for proof of generator service/exercise intervals for hospitals, assisted living homes, etc. Generator run time reports can avoid fines from air quality regulatory agencies or provide proof to utility companies of power outage periods and peak shaving activities.

Ensuring your equipment is operating properly and ready for service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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